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The microwavable plastic food container is made of food grade safe, non-toxic and tasteless PP material, PP is soft and soft, the general PP use temperature is -6℃ to +120℃, so it is particularly suitable for holding hot meals and hot dishes, can be heated in the microwavable oven, or even can be cooked in the steam cabinet modified PP, its use temperature can be controlled at -18℃ to +110℃. The food container made of this PP can be heated to 100 degrees in addition to being used, and can also be refrigerated. In addition, this blister plastic food container is durable and has excellent support.

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Type: Vacuum-Formed Plastic Microwavable Takeout Food Container
Technical: Vacuum-Formed
Product name: Plastic Microwavable Black Base Takeout Food Container
Material: All PP
Capacity: 680ml, 800ml, 450ml, 1100ml, 960ml, 1060ml, 1780ml, 2150ml,680ml
Feature: Sustainable, Stocked, Microwavable and frozen Freshness Preservation
Place of Origin: Tianjin China
Dimensional tolerance: <±1mm
Weight tolerance: <±5%
Colors: Black base, translucency lid
MOQ: 50 cartons
Experience: 8 years manufacturer experience in all kinds of disposable tableware
Printing: Customized
Usage: Restaurant,household
Service: OEM,free samples offered, please send inquiry to get details



Vacuum formed plastics is an ideal way to package food and serve a number of purposes. The packaging protects foods from knocks and damage, it helps to maintain freshness, important for food safety and prevents any contamination, as well as being used to simplify preparation and cooking.

1 (1)


680ml/235.3*147*38mm/divide 300pcs/ctn

1 (4)



1 (7)



1 (2)


800ml/235.3*147*43mm/divide 300pcs/ctn

1 (5)



1 (8)



1 (3)


450ml/203.5*136*27.9mm/divide 300pcs/ctn

1 (6)






Meal Pre Plastic Microwavable Black Takeout 2-Compartment Box

Moisture and Barrier Properties: Vacuum-formed microwavable food containers can be manufactured with excellent moisture and barrier properties. This helps to preserve the freshness, flavor, and quality of the food by preventing moisture loss and keeping out external contaminants.

Heat and cold resistance :PP is not only heat resistant, but also cold resistant, making it suitable for microwavable heating and refrigerator freezing use. The blister PP food container is resistant to high temperature, does not warp, does not melt, and does not crack in low temperature environment, providing convenience for consumers.

Black Oval Microwave Container Temperatures
Black Oval Microwave Container Pressure test

Impact Resistance: Blister containers offer good impact resistance, protecting the food items from damage during handling and transportation.  They can withstand moderate external forces, ensuring the integrity of the packaging and the safety of the food inside.

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