• Overview and development status of disposable fast food container industry

    Disposable plastic fast food box is a kind of utensils processed by resin or other thermoplastic materials through high-temperature hot melt plastic injection molding technology. In terms of raw materials, disposable plastic fast food boxes are mainly classified into PP (polypropylene) fast food ...
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  • The development trend of disposable fast food box industry

    1. The popularity of environmentally friendly disposable plastic fast food boxes. With the increasing attention to food safety and the implementation of the production standards of disposable plastic fast food boxes, environmentally friendly products will become the trend in the disposable plasti...
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  • Comparison of disposable plastic lunch boxes made of different raw materials

    PP food container PS food container EPS food container Main ingredient Polypropylene (PP) Polyethylene (PS) Foamed polypropylene (Polypropylene with blowing agent) Thermal performance High heat resistance, can be microwaved to heat PP, use temperature: -30℃-140℃ Low hea...
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